Welcome to Premier Complex Gymnastics!

Premier complex north campus
560 5th St. Clear Lake, WI 54005
Premier Complex South Campus
102 W North Shore Drive New Richmond 54017

Premier Complex offers 2 different competition experiences for our athletes.   

Midwest Amateur Gymnastic Association (MAGA TEAM) competition follows the Minnesota State High School League rule book and is for all levels of gymnastics.  This class is an option after passing through preteam.


Amateur Athletic Union (AAU TEAM) follows the USAG rule book and we start with Xcel Bronze and compete through the open optional level.  Gymnasts in preteam are allowed to compete Xcel at the end of Winter Session.


Warm Up Jacket $65  Due August 10th

Competition Leotard total with tax and shipping ended up being  $234  Final payment due on pick up 

 MAGA annual fee $60 Due October 1st  

 PCG annual fee $42 Due September 7th



MAGA TEAMS 2021-2022 

Premier Summit       
Ajahnei Twyman
Brena Dimler
Brenna Schwartz
Emma Settem
Kirstan Keppen
Madison Naylor
Payton Fuller
Sami Morrissey
Sara Lientz
Siri Yuhas

Premier Ice
Anna Rossi
Cora Voeltz
Hannah Rosenberg
Hope Kyrola
Isabelle Thielke
Karlie Heinbuch
Kelly Fern
Lyla Stone
Macy Grosskruetz
Whitney Wolf

Premier Fire
Amalia Engstrom
Ava Multauf
Ashlyn Grosskruetz
Charlee Juleff
Kate Moskal
Korah Logterman
Libirty Andrews
Lillie Steen
Rileigh Schwartz

Premier Solstice     
Aubrey Steines
Ava DeMaio
Ava Powell
Blaire Bauer
Elizabrin Thorud
Laila Torntore
Lila McNamara
Makayla Miller
Morgan LaBlanc

Premier Sun
Addy Brennan
Avalyn LaLiberty
Breia Breslin
Brynn Thayer
Camille DuMarce
Elizabeth Edgerton
Rachel Roff
Sam Halle
Scarlett Johnson

Premier Wind
Audrey Chew
Cali Schanon
Kiley Munson
Kinley Filip
Krista Markee
Lilliahna Colombo
Lindsey Mattmiller

Premier Earth
Annalea Deems
Brianna Martin
Ella Deems
Franki Friendshuh
Gianna Christopherson
Haley Hatch
Maci Buhr
Mariah Bolden

Premier Moon
Anna Crowson
Brynleigh Vergin
Charlotte Luks
Isabella Woitaszewski
Lucy Milbrath
Malyiah Humphrey
Talyn Kusilek
Violet Givens

Premier Lightning
Abigail Hill
Avery Kalhagen
Josie Chute
Kaylei Vance
Mehrsa Genke
Rylan Henke
Sammi Linder
Taylor Johnson