Welcome to Premier Complex Gymnastics!

Premier complex north campus
560 5th St. Clear Lake, WI 54005
Premier Complex South Campus
575 Knowles Ave, Suite E, New Richmond Wi 54017

Our mission at Premier is to create an environment where all athletes feel valuable and successful at all levels of skill they are training. 

We aim to find the joy in the journey by building strong work ethics & creating a platform of team that is healthy, motivational and enjoyable.

“I don’t run away from a challenge because I am afraid. Instead, I run towards it because the only way to escape fear is to trample it beneath your foot.”

-Nadia Comaneci

“Hard work is always hard work, for young gymnasts and old gymnasts. Whoever can handle this will be a champion.”

-Svetlana Boguinskaya

“…above all, you have to love what you are doing. You cannot fake passion. If you love it you can fight through the rough times and enjoy the good times.”

-Shannon Miller